A Balanced Approach

Build your framework for health

The award-winning A Beautiful Balance is available now!

A Beautiful Balance was an award winning finalist in the International Book Awards 2020

A good diet shouldn’t leave you feeling constantly hungry or unsatisfied.
Food should be a pleasure and healthy eating should be enjoyable.”

If improving both your own health and the the health of our planet are important to you, this book will help you make shifts in your daily habits to help you adopt a healthier and more sustainable diet and lifestyle.

This book does not contain a short-term diet fix. Diets don’t work. If you want to lose fat, get healthier and feel more confident, its time to stop dieting and fall in love with food that is truly good for you! A Beautiful Balance: A Wellness Guide to Healthy Eating and Feeling Great will show you how. A complete resource that gives you the tools to help you live a healthier lifestyle, get control of sugar cravings and look and feel your best! Full of delicious, nourishing recipes, including healthier twists on traditional Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes, and Zoë’s easy-to-adopt nutritional guidelines and framework for health, The Six Pillars of Wellness, you’ll learn how to make healthier and more sustainable choices, so you feel more satisfied, energised, lighter, and happier. Forget the fad diets and take back control of your well-being and waistline today!