About Zoë

Nutritionist, Naturopath, Author, Speaker


Zoë Palmer-Wright, BA (Hons), ND, Ad Dip Nut, Ad Dip Herb Med, CNHC, mBant, is a leading women’s health expert and internationally recognised nutritionist and naturopath, award-winning author and speaker.

She has over 14 years (and 25,000+ hours) of professional experience as a natural health expert, clinician and educator.

Zoe is a registered member of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council

She was one of the principal lecturers at The College of Naturopathic Medicine whilst also running a successful private practice in London, helping those with chronic health issues.

She now lives between Bali and the UK and her extensive international client list includes celebrities, supermodels, CEO’s and sheikhs.

Zoë influences thousands worldwide through speaking engagements, social media, magazine and online features and her book.

Women’s Health Expert

Zoë empowers women to improve their hormonal balance, so they can live their fullest, healthiest and happiest lives.

She works with women who are fed up of feeling like their hormones are controlling them, who have had enough of living with extreme mood swings, skin breakouts, bloating, low energy and want to feel like themselves again! 

She teaches women about the root causes of their hormone imbalances and how to address them naturally.  She shows them how to utilise the power of food, botanical medicines, smart lifestyle upgrades and more, to balance their hormones and feel happier, more confident and more comfortable in their own skin.

Zoë believes in..

Her Framework for Health: The Six Pillars – Nutrition, Movement, Mindset, Sleep, Social Connection & Meaning –  get these right and better health will follow! 

Food is medicine 

Addressing root causes 

Preventative healthcare 

Ecologically sound, ethical and sustainable farming and food systems

Intensive farming is unsustainable. Soil nutrient depletion and soil erosion are now a worldwide problem. Overuse of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers pollutes soil and water and harms wildlife. Soil quality is directly linked to food quality, which means plants grown in nutritionally depleted soil lack the very nutrients that we, as humans, need to thrive. Nutritionally – depleted soil and crops contribute to malnutrition, micronutrient deficiencies and nutritionally related disease in humans. Human health mirrors the health of the soil”