Qualified clinical nutritionist and naturopath

Zoe Palmer-Wright
Zoe Palmer-Wright


Wellness is now a huge global trend, and an essential element for businesses to incorporate to stay relevant and competitive.

With over 10 year’s experience developing wellness concepts and strategies, I work with my clients to create bespoke, integrated wellness offerings that add value to their business.

As a clinician, researcher, educator and natural health expert, with knowledge spanning nutrition, traditional medicine, herbal medicine, naturopathy, functional and energy medicine, I create quality wellness offerings with measurable benefits for both businesses and consumers.


Zoe Palmer-Wright

Launch a new brand or product, kick-start a hotel wellness campaign or a corporate wellness programme..

Launch a new brand or product, kick-start a hotel wellness campaign or a corporate wellness programme..

I speak at events on a broad range of current health and wellness subjects. My focus is on sharing knowledge and practical tools to enable people to live a healthier lifestyle, prevent disease and find natural solutions to existing health issues.

Topics I speak on include:

  • Eat Your Way to Beautiful Skin
  • Busting Nutrition Myths
  • Detox – what, why and how?
  • Eating to Improve Digestive Health
  • Simple Steps to Making Your Diet and Lifestyle Healthier
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Fundamentals for Hormonal Balance
  • Nutritional and Lifestyle Secrets to Healthy Ageing
  • Optimising your Immunity


Quality wellness offerings meet the growing demand from traveller’s to stay fit and healthy when they’re on the road..

I design bespoke wellness programmes for luxury hotels and wellbeing businesses that range in scale from a 1-day wellness package, to a weekend retreat, right up to transforming a property into a wellness destination.

Programmes can be designed to achieve different wellness outcomes such as:


  • Designing programme and schedule of treatments, activities, services and research-backed therapies to achieve measurable wellness outcomes for guests
  • Leading workshops and seminars that provide nutritional education for your guests
  • Hosting and supporting guests throughout their stay on-site (or providing client support off-site)
  • Providing health screenings e.g. food intolerance tests
  • Tailor-made nutritional programmes for all participants
  • Creating bespoke nutritional menus, in consultation with your in-house chef, for the duration of the retreat
  • Providing one-on-one nutritional coaching for individual wellbeing needs and goals
  • Staff training on how to provide guest care and support throughout the programme


Zoe Palmer-Wright
Create a new natural, organic body scrub, face mask, functional skin cream, healthy drink or snack bar with my guidance..
  • Innovating and developing new health and wellness products such as natural and organic spa and beauty products (oils, scrubs, creams, face masks etc), healthy/functional drinks and snacks and natural supplements
  • Creating product info and labels detailing the functions of the chosen ingredients in the product

Offer your health conscious guests meals and drinks that support their health and fitness goals, help them maintain their weight and accommodate their food intolerances..

  • Developing, testing and implementing deliciously healthy and nutritious meals, juices, smoothies and elixirs that take into account macro and micro nutrients; carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Meals can be co-created with your in-house chef.
  • Reviewing and improving existing menus e.g. by swapping unhealthy ingredients for healthier alternatives
  • Hotel room nutrition review – minibar overhaul (re-stocking with healthy snacks, juices, shakes), healthy hot drinks and room service menu review
  • Creating and implementing recipes for specific intolerances such as gluten or dairy or creating diet-specific menus such as vegetarian/vegan
  • Creating recipes and menus for a specific purpose e.g. improving skin health, digestive health, blood sugar/diabetes management, weight loss, fitness, detox, fertility
  • Staff training on new menu items – so they are able to answer guest’s questions and make recommendations with ease

Thanks to Zoë, I have rebooted my life. Dropped 30 pounds, lots more energy and much more happiness. She has precise, actionable strategies for long term benefits

Tom Magnuson - CEO Magnuson Worldwide

Zoe has worked wonders with me; I started seeing her a few months prior to my wedding. She re-educated me in terms of food and eating, and taught me how I can eat more food, and be healthier than my current low fat diet was allowing me and still lose weight

Victoria Bailes

Zoe's extensive nutritional and lifestyle knowledge greatly helped me to affect tangible heath improvements. Zoe's diet and supplement program provided structure and direction to tackling my health concerns and directly led to a significant reduction in cholesterol. I now feel generally much more alert, healthy and energetic and have a regime that really works for me

Steven Farag

Zoë Palmer–Wright ND, BA (Hons), Ad Dip Nut, Ad Dip Hrb Med

Health and nutrition lecturer @ The College of Naturopathic Medicine in London - 2009-2014

Full professional indemnity insurance

Disclaimer: All information and advice I share is based upon my own clinical experience, professional training and research. Recommendations are not intended to diagnose or treat any medical conditions. I would always advise going to see a medical professional if you’re concerned about your health.