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If abdominal bloating is an occasional issue for you and you want a quick natural solution to it, try these super quick solutions..


Activated charcoal

Activated charcoal comes in tablets, capsules or powder. It absorbs gas and removes toxins from your digestive tract and can be really effective for reducing bloating.
It’s important to leave at least an hour and a half after (or before) a meal to take it as otherwise it can prevent you absorbing beneficial nutrients from your meal (also take it away from medications for the same reason). And make sure you take it with a large glass of water.
n.b. Activated charcoal is recommended for occasional use only and it shouldn’t be used as a regular daily supplement. It’s also not recommended for people with gastrointestinal injury, liver or kidney disease, pregnant and breastfeeding women or young children.


Sip fennel tea or chew half a teaspoon of fennel seeds after a meal to stop wind. It also helps sort out bad breath. The terpenoid anethole found in the volatile oil in fennel seed is great for digestion, reducing gas in the intestinal tract and for the relief of cramps.
You often see beautiful carved silver boxes of fennel seeds on tables in restaurants in India for this reason and so that people can chew some seeds straight after they’ve finished a meal (it’s been used as a digestive aid there for thousands of years).

Deep breathing and abdominal massage

While lying on your left side, can help bring relief from gas.


Child’s pose for 5 minutes can provide rapid relief from gas

If gas and abdominal bloating is something you get all the time then it’s definitely worth making the effort to figure out what’s really causing it so you can prevent it happening in future. To find out the real reason you’re bloated all the time READ MORE

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