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Zoe Palmer-Wright
Zoe Palmer-Wright
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My aim is to empower you to improve your nutrition and lifestyle and address the root causes of your health issues, so you can live your fullest, healthiest and happiest life.

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Be inspired to live a healthier and happier life
My passion for natural medicine has taken me all over the world as a health expert, speaking, researching, writing and working with clients one to one.

Travelling has made me challenge many of the assumptions and beliefs I had about health and happiness and I’m continually learning from other culture’s food, natural medicine and spiritual traditions.

My work also means that I get health and nutrition questions from almost everyone I meet. I’d love to share with you what I’ve learnt to help you optimize your own health and get the maximum amount of joy out of life.

Zoe Palmer-Wright
In the 10 years I’ve been a clinical nutritionist and naturopath I’ve absolutely loved helping thousands of people improve their health and happiness.

Whether I am working with client’s one to one or teaching groups, my aim is to help you understand more about your body, what really lies at the core of your health issues and how your food and lifestyle choices shape your health.

I share health inspiration, facts about healthy eating and give you natural solutions, ideas and practical tools to get your health back on track.

I give you the confidence to make better food choices, form a healthier relationship with food and encourage you to listen to your body to discover what truly works for you.

Health expert and author, Zoe Palmer-Wright ND, BA (Hons), Ad Dip Nut, Ad Dip hrb med, is a certified clinical nutritionist and naturopath with over ten year’s experience.

An in-demand international speaker, Zoe is passionate about empowering people to improve their nutrition and lifestyle and address the root causes of their health issues, so they can live their fullest, healthiest and happiest lives.

After completing her first degree in English Literature and Language and gaining a postgraduate qualification in journalism, Zoe travelled extensively and explored many careers along the way, from Divemaster to TV presenter, before realising she really wanted to do something that helped improve people’s lives. Inspired by the awesome power of natural medicine to do just that, she returned to study.

Zoe qualified as a nutritionist, naturopath and herbal medicine practitioner in 2008 after completing her 3-year training in Australia. This was followed by an internship at The Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, before she established her own successful clinical practice in London, in 2009.

Zoe has completed over 5,000 one-on-one health coaching sessions and her extensive client list includes supermodels, A-list actors, CEO’s and sheikhs.

A passionate educator, Zoe was a principal lecturer at the prestigious College of Naturopathic Medicine in London for 5 years. She’s since taught numerous workshops and masterclasses, and has created and hosted many wellness retreats, worldwide.

Zoe has been a guest expert on BBC radio and has featured in many publications including Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Grazia and Sheerluxe.

Consultations with Zoe Palmer-Wright
Consultations with Zoe Palmer-Wright
Private Nutrition Consultations by Skype
Get a diet, supplement and lifestyle programme personally tailored for you
During your consultation I listen carefully and treat you as an individual. I ask you questions to help me identify possible triggers and root causes of symptoms.

I spend time carefully assessing the information I gather, I interpret test results and organize testing if needed and give you personally tailored diet, supplement and lifestyle recommendations.

I explain why each recommendation in your health plan is important so you can be an empowered and active participant in improving your health.

Issues I work with frequently include acne, eczema, IBS, IBD, hay fever, sinus problems, thyroid and adrenal dysfunction, PCOS, PMS and anxiety. Consultations can help with Digestion, Skin, Mood, Hormones, Immunity, Weight, Energy, Sleep, Ageing.

Collaboratr with Zoe Palmer-Wright
I run my own health retreats and I love designing and hosting wellness programmes for leading health and wellbeing businesses, retreat companies and hotels worldwide.

I run workshops, write health articles and advise prominent companies on developing healthy menus.

I regularly hold talks, speak at events and product launches and work with health and lifestyle brands that I love.

Please email me for all collaborations, media and commercial enquiries: hello@zoepalmerwright.com

Thanks to Zoë, I have rebooted my life. Dropped 30 pounds, lots more energy and much more happiness. She has precise, actionable strategies for long term benefits

Tom Magnuson - CEO Magnuson Worldwide

Zoe has worked wonders with me; I started seeing her a few months prior to my wedding. She re-educated me in terms of food and eating, and taught me how I can eat more food, and be healthier than my current low fat diet was allowing me and still lose weight

Victoria Bailes

Zoe's extensive nutritional and lifestyle knowledge greatly helped me to affect tangible heath improvements. Zoe's diet and supplement program provided structure and direction to tackling my health concerns and directly led to a significant reduction in cholesterol. I now feel generally much more alert, healthy and energetic and have a regime that really works for me

Steven Farag

Zoë Palmer–Wright ND, BA (Hons), Ad Dip Nut, Ad Dip Hrb Med

Health and nutrition lecturer @ The College of Naturopathic Medicine in London - 2009-2014

Full professional indemnity insurance

Disclaimer: All information and advice I share is based upon my own clinical experience, professional training and research. Recommendations are not intended to diagnose or treat any medical conditions. I would always advise going to see a medical professional if you’re concerned about your health.